Toddlers + Travel

Traveling with our littlest ones can really be so magical and fun! Whether you’re bringing them along because it’s the only way or for your genuine enjoyment, there are a few things you don’t want to get wrong. At the top of this list is SLEEP. Everybody needs it to have a great time. If it’s a reasonable possibility to bring your own portable crib/bedding, bring it! Whatever you can do to recreate a familiar environment for them, helps. If you use a sound machine at home, don’t skip it! I have my own sleep routine down to a science when I’m away from home, with or without kids. Here’s my line up: a soft pair of ear plugs, even if you don’t twist and tighten (I never do) they block just enough to give you a sense of privacy. Does this make sense? Try it and you’ll see. I love to do this on planes too when I’m not getting to know my neighbor. I take my favorite (safe + natural) sleep aid and rub a drop of lavender essential oil right under my nose. Turn that clock around and pray for success.  If you want to be extra comfy, grab one of your kiddo’s blankets from home for yourself! It’s small, soft and easy to pack. Snuggle that up by your face and plan on a full night’s rest. 

The key to easy travel is keeping things minimal, which is extra tricky to do with young kids. I think an important essential is a water flask (if you’re flying, bring it empty and fill once you’re through security). Keep them drinking to dodge dehydration which is a total pitfall of traveling and helps with elevation adjustments + little ears. I love to bring a few less familiar or new toys/books for variety during your day. Go for hand held size but skip things they might be tempted to throw (like a ball) and anything with too many pieces. A flap book, little truck or colorful popit could be fun! Dum Dum suckers are my secret weapon. They are tiny and perfect for busy hands. You could do a few if you had to and the mess is minor. Wet wipes within reach at all times (wink- but really!). 

Slow your roll and let the hard parts fade away. Wishing you so many memorable moments!

PS. Don’t talk yourself out of bringing a stroller- this will give you some speed, sleeping quarters and a way to contain snack + meal time on the go! You might even use it in your hotel room to help you catch a shower.