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GuideGals is a curated collection of city + food guides that you can shop, download, and save to your phone. No more blind Google searches and pouring over random trip reviews. Get great tips from a gal like you who wants in on the top spots + best food. Now you’ll know what to do, where to stay, and which places to eat when you’re out and about in this beautiful world. Find our destination guides in the shop! ♥

xo, Kelly (Founder)

  • Never guessing again

    " We loved the food in Hawaii! The North Shore of Oahu is a gem when it comes to beaches and food.

    I downloaded a guide from guidegals that took all the guessing out of where to eat. 100% recommend grabbing one of their guides the next time you go on a trip... or even grab one from where you live to see what you're missing out on locally!"

  • help appreciated

    “As the trip planner around here, I could use a hand! I love the one page look at a location.  So simple and straightforward! The worst is hunting for good food. I’m so excited about the specific recommendations!"

  • found the best gems

    "This was such a helpful guide! We tried so many things in here I wouldn't have thought of while planning our trip!

    Using the London guide we found the best pub to relax in after a long day of overnight plane travel! So easy to get to and the food was so good!

    We found amazing food gems that we wouldn't have tried without the recommendation!"