Road Trip Essentials

I have a thousand memories of road tripping with my family growing up and I still love to do it now! Our kids are not growing up in a time where looking out the window and traveling through their boredom are the only options. I still think building the boredom muscle is such a great thing for us all.

But here are a few other ideas to keep everybody moving: new movies to watch if you’ve got a DVD player, plastic bin under the feet for little ones for the toy cars, small books, lollipops, hand wipes and binkies to keep things a little more tidy. Less is more when we’re sharing small spaces together, so always encourage light packing! Headphones (even if you’re not playing a thing, my big kids will pop these over their ears during a toddler tantrum and it helps everybody keep their cool.) Everybody loves a blanket to cozy up in.

Check out our Oregon Coast Beach guide if you’re on the west coast, Marquette, Michigan to the north or Lancaster, Pennsylvania if you’re headed east. All of these places would be perfect for a road trip! Our guides send you right to the best food spots and make it so easy for you to know where to stay and what to do. 

Our Top Road-trip Movies:

Peter Pan

The Sound of Music

Cheaper by the Dozen 

Swiss Family Robinson


Peter Rabbit (2018)

High School Musical

The Greatest Showman


The Best Sounds: 

Whitney Houston

Eric Carmen

Wilson Phillips

Beach Boys 

James Taylor 

Alan Jackson- Biggest Hits

Kacey Musgraves

Garth Brooks

Musicals! (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Hairspray and Newsies are fun ones!)

Podcasts for kids: Peace Out, Brains On, Stories, Wow in the World, Real Cool History for Kids 

Disney tunes- name that movie!