Planes and Kids

I’ll never understand the pre-boarding process for families but my advice is, dare to be different and board last! Give your kids every last chance for space and a final bathroom break.

My top tip for kids in general when traveling is to give them some autonomy and a spirit of adventure! Let them pick and pack their belongings with some parameters from you and encourage them to pack light!

Must have’s for big kids are airplane compatible headphones so they can tap into the seat screen, a new book they are excited about, a card game if they’ve got a pal to sit with and a few snacks.

Fun ideas for little kids are less familiar or new toys, a family device with some favorite (maybe new?) games.

For toddlers and babies be sure to bring your own best vibes. Lolipops, water or baby bottles with a top to suck from especially during take off/landing, less familiar/new toys but not so many that it’s hard to navigate your carry on supplies.

A backpack that each child can manage and carry on their own is so empowering and great practice for the both of you!