Packing for Fun with Kids

Here’s what we always say when packing for kids:

Babies, bring it all. Whatever you need to be comfortable away from home gets a spot! It’s tricky enough traveling with the littlest of them all, don’t try to rough it.

Toddlers, bring the essentials for sleep and don’t even think about graduating from a stroller…you need it now more than ever!

Big kids, let them take the wheel and teach them to pack light! It creates such a fun sense of adventure to let kids pack for themselves. Mine love to pick their own bag and fulfill a verbal or written list on their own. I have them give me a peek of their final haul (if I need to be sure). But if it’s a casual and warm destination, you can let almost anything fly!

I love the pack by two rules: 2 swimsuits (one wet/ one dry), 2 shoes (one to wear/one to pack) and 2 pajamas.  The goal is to work yourself out of a job! Our kids can do great things and they want to participate in their independence.  Traveling is the perfect moment to let them shine!